A mustard plant showcasing the potential positive effect MustGrow products can have on crop growth.

Sustainable Plant-Based Biological Solutions

MustGrow is an agriculture biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of natural biological technologies and products from mustard seed for sustainable agriculture.  The objective of these technologies is for use as an alternative to banned/restricted synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, for use in organic agriculture, and to help improve soil health.

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Plant-based technology platform

MustGrow’s groundbreaking sustainable plant-based biotechnologies are derived from food-grade mustard seed and formulated into a natural organic biocontrol (preplant soil biofumigant, bioherbicide and postharvest food preservation) and biofertility products.

An image of a mustard plant showcases ways in which MustGrow's products can help to increase the health and yield of crop growth.


An image of a mustard plant represents the power of MustGrow's technologies.

Broad Applications

MustGrow’s technologies deliver superior pest and pathogen control in combination with plant growth and yield benefits available across a broad spectrum of high-value crops and other industries. We are working towards offering our novel solutions in a variety of applications including under biocontrol:

  • Preplant soil biofumigant for treatment of soil borne diseases and insect pests;
  • Bioherbicide to treat weeds for organic acres and home & garden; and
  • Postharvest biopesticide for storage and food preservation.

We are also have an organic soil biofertility product under the brand name TerraSante™, and formulating potentially new biofertility technologies customized for particular soil applications (“Biofertility”).  

A shield with a checkmark in the center showcases the safe nature of MustGrow products.

Safe and effective products from nature

By focusing on the use of compounds provided by nature as the natural defence mechanism of the mustard plant and extracting for our specific uses, MustGrow biocontrol technology provides key disease, insect pest and weed management naturally. Our technologies are produced in nature and refined by us.  They are natural and organic and free from synthetic chemicals and genetic modification.

An image shows the potential improved production of globally important crops while using MustGrow products.

Improved production of globally important crops

MustGrow’s technologies have been demonstrated and utilized on a commercial scale and have been proven to provide increased yield, growth and plant vigor whilst delivering nematode and disease control at levels comparable to those obtained from synthetic alternatives.

A bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables showcases the positive effect MustGrow's products can have on crop growth.

Rapid time to market

MustGrow’s discovery platform taps into the power of mustard seed to generate, test and commercialize products that improve plant health and yield. As MustGrow’s technologies typically utilize food ingredients that are recognized as safe with well defined and understood safety parameters and minimal concerns, regulatory approvals can be expedited and time to market is often accelerated as a result.

MustGrow Overview

Global synthetic chemistries are being banned or deregistered and need to be replaced

  • Consumers are demanding food that is healthy, natural and safe.
  • Producers want to use safe products to protect their crops and maximize yields, but they need those products to be effective.
  • Regulatory agencies are significantly restricting or even banning synthetic chemistries and fertilizers. This leaves limited alternatives to increase food production for a growing global population.
  • AgChem companies are actively investing in more sustainable natural technologies to replace or compliment synthetic chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Sustainable farming practices are critical to feed a growing global population on a finite amount of land.
  • Protecting the soil, the farmers most important asset, is vital not only for today but for future generations.

100% owned patented Mustard-Derived technology Platform

  • Preplant Soil Biofumigant for treatment of soil-borne pests and diseases in multiple crops such as fruit & vegetables.
  • Bioherbicide with a unique mode of action for potential use in organic acres, home & garden, and in jurisdictions where glyphosate is out of favour or banned.
  • Postharvest Biopesticide for storage and food preservation.

Tight capital structure

  • 50.1 million basic shares outstanding.
  • 55.0 million shares fully diluted.
  • Insiders and advisors own approximately 19% of total basic shares outstanding.
  • Strong cash position of C$3.5 million as of December 2023.


MustGrow is developing natural, sustainable technologies for use in agriculture as an alternative to banned/restricted synthetic chemicals and fertilizers; for used in organic production; and for use to help improve overall soil health.  These biological technologies include applications in the biocontrol, soil amendment and biofertility markets. 

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